Thursday, January 5, 2012

Fusion-io Breaks the One Billion IOPs Threshold

Fusion-io, which specializes in next generation storage memory, announced a significant milestone: one billion input and output operations per second (IOPS). A public demo showed eight HP ProLiant DL370 servers, each equipped with eight ioDrive2 Duos, breaking the one billion IOP barrier when transferring 64 byte data packets.

"Rethinking how to provide powerful modern CPUs with the data they need through sophisticated software architectures has enabled us to deliver the ultra low latency performance needed to achieve one billion IOPS with existing hardware and Fusion ioMemory solutions," said David Flynn, Fusion-io Chairman and CEO.

"Breaking the one billion IOPS barrier is certainly a powerful way to demonstrate our ioMemory architecture. As an engineer, what really excites me about extensions to our core technology such as ACM are the possibilities introduced when flash is utilized as a new memory tier," said Steve Wozniak, Fusion-io Chief Scientist. "Instead of treating flash like storage, where data passes through all of the OS kernel subsystems that were built and optimized for traditional storage, our core ioMemory technology offers a platform with new programming primitives that can provide system and application developers direct access to non-volatile memory."

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