Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Deutsche Telekom Signs Backhaul Deal with Telefónica Germany

Deutsche Telekom has reached a network infrastructure agreement with Telefónica Germany.

Under the long-term deal, Telekom connect up to 2,000 of Telefónica’s points of concentration via fibre optics in the next few years. This will allow the O2 mobile network to transmit data at even greater speeds and higher capacity. The first connections to telecom masts are expected in Q2 2012. The data of the UMTS and LTE stations at points of concentration will be connected via Telekom into the O2 core network.

“The agreement with Telekom gives us the chance to operate cost-efficiently, quickly and flexibly in the rapidly growing market for mobile data�?, says Telefónica Germany CEO René Schuster. “So we can offer the best quality in one of the most high-tech mobile networks in Europe.�? Niek Jan van Damme, Telekom board member responsible for German business, points out: “To be able to exploit synergies in broadband expansion, network operators have to work together. And Telekom is willing to do that�?.http://

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