Monday, January 9, 2012

Brocade Delivers 100GigE 2-Port 100 GbE Blade to CERN

Brocade has now delivered over 100 of its two-port 100GbE blades to CERN, the European particle physics laboratory.

CERN’s demanding environment exceeds 15 petabytes or 15 million gigabytes of data traffic per year. To put this number in perspective, 15 petabytes is equivalent to approximately 200 years of continuously running HD-quality video.

“We first selected the Brocade MLXe routers one year ago because it was a perfect fit for our stringent networking requirements in the near-and-long term (we test products to destruction); now that we are ready for 100 GbE, it was a simple line card addition to multiply our network performance,�? said Jean-Michel Jouanigot, Communication Systems Group Leader, IT Department, at CERN. “I do not see our appetite for data waning in the future, so with the addition of the Brocade MLXe with 100 GbE in our environment, I am confident we have a blueprint for success.�?

Tithe Brocade MLXe router offers 32 wire-speed 100 GbE ports and a total switching capacity of 15.36 Terabits in a single chassis.