Sunday, January 8, 2012

AT&T Offers M2M Application Platform powered by Axeda

AT&T has signed a multi-year agreement with Axeda covering its cloud-based, M2M Application Development software platform.

The AT&T M2M Application Platform powered by Axeda includes:

  • The Axeda Platform, which allows developers to build and manage applications for almost any type of connected device in a highly secure environment and includes a framework to integrate M2M data with ERP/CRM business systems.

  • Axeda Connected Product Management Applications enable users to remotely access and service connected products, distribute software and content, and manage usage and configuration data.

  • M2M connectivity to link a company’s assets to applications created on the Axeda Platform, using the customer’s choices of communication methods (Internet, WiFi, and the AT&T network).

  • Cloud services for deploying and scaling applications, practically eliminating the need for investment in back-end server hardware and infrastructure.

The announcement was made at the AT&T Developer Summit at CES in Las Vegas.
  • Axeda is based in Foxboro, MA.