Tuesday, January 17, 2012

AT&T Increases Mobile Data Prices

Citing rapidly rising mobile traffic, AT&T is increasing the price of its mobile data plans for new customers, effective January 22.

The new smartphone plans include:

AT&T DataPlus 300MB: $20 for 300MB

AT&T DataPro 3GB: $30 for 3GB

AT&T DataPro 5GB: $50 for 5GB, with mobile hotspot / tethering

Smartphone customers needing additional data can pay $10 per additional gigabyte on the AT&T DataPro 3GB and DataPro 5GB plans; AT&T DataPlus users will receive an extra 300MB for $20.

The new tablet plans* include:

AT&T DataConnect 3GB: $30 for 3GB

AT&T DataConnect 5GB: $50 for 5GB

Wi-Fi usage does not count against these caps.

"Customers are using more data than ever before," said David Christopher, chief marketing officer, AT&T Mobility and Consumer Markets. "Our new plans are driven by this increasing demand in a highly competitive environment, and continue to deliver a great value to customers, especially as we continue our 4G LTE deployment."http://www.att.com/dataplans

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