Sunday, January 29, 2012

ActionPacked Offers Free Visualization Tool for NetFlow and Cisco Medianet

ActionPacked! Networks announced that, for a limited time, it will be giving away permanent licenses for its newest LiveAction Version 2.31 software with in-depth, real-time traffic flow visualizations plus the company’s newest Medianet capabilities. As a flow monitoring tool, the free version of LiveAction tracks and graphically displays NetFlow, J-Flow and sFlow paths and characteristics over a live network topology view that the software generates automatically. Users can click on devices and interfaces for more detailed information. As a tool for Cisco Medianet, the software also collects and displays detailed Medianet performance monitoring information and provides the industry’s first live topology presentation of Mediatrace for Cisco devices.

ActionPacked! is currently offering the free, three-device special edition of LiveAction through March 31, 2012 to qualified IT departments in the United States and Canada. The software works with most devices that support NetFlow, JFlow and s-Flow. To use LiveAction’s Medianet capabilities, the Cisco devices must also be Medianet-capable and have IOS version 15.1 (3) T installed.

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