Sunday, September 4, 2011

NSN Appoints Sandeep Girotra to Head Indian Operations

Nokia Siemens Networks has appointed Sandeep Girotra to lead its business in India. Girotra will be based in Gurgaon and his appointment is effective from October 1, 2011. Girotra is currently responsible for a number of key customer accounts in India as a sub-region head.

Global Crossing Delivers IP VPN for Jesuits Institutions in Brazil

Global Crossing is delivering IP VPN services to connect key institutions for Associação Nóbrega de Educação e Assistência Social (ANEAS) in Brazil. The network will connect eight facilities in Sao Paulo, three in Rio de Janeiro, three in Minas Gerais and one in Brasilia. The Association has been using Global Crossing's data center and data transmission services since 2009.

Malta's GO Selects Nokia Siemens Networks for Mobile Upgrade

GO, Malta's leading quad-play communications provider, has selected Nokia Siemens Networks for an upgrade of its existing GSM and 3G networks. The deployment includes the replacement of the current infrastructure and doubling the number of base stations.

Nokia Siemens Networks will replace GO's existing radio network with its energy-efficient, compact Flexi Multiradio Base Stations. In addition, the company will add new sites to expand coverage and improve network performance. The operator will deploy Nokia Siemens Networks' NetAct network management system to efficiently monitor, optimize and configure its network. In addition, Nokia Siemens Networks will integrate Cisco's IP backhaul equipment and its FlexiPacket Microwave equipment.

Virgin Media Business Builds Sync-E Mobile Backhaul Network

Virgin Media Business announced its plans to deploy a mobile backhaul network across the UK to serve the 35.2 million customers of Everything Everywhere and Three. The rollout will reach about 50% of UK mainland cell sites.

Mobile Broadband Network Limited (MBNL) is a 50/50 joint venture company owned by Three and Everything Everywhere. Everything Everywhere is the joint venture that operates the networks for T-Mobile (UK) and Orange (UK).

Specifically, Virgin Media will deploy 14 regional aggregation networks across the UK that extend 1 Gbps Ethernet to the base station using Sync-E technology. Every cell site will be connected via fibre with as few hops as possible to minimize latency. Virgin Media will be using ITU-T G.8262 Synchronous Ethernet, although it noted that ITU 1588 version 2 be overlaid. Cell site connectivity is upgradable in 1 Gbps increments. The operator expects to offer 10 Gbps cell site connectivity in the future.

Neil Berkett, Chief Executive Officer of Virgin Media, said: "People no longer expect to simply make calls from their mobile phone. Being connected all the time to social networks, the internet and their favourite apps is very much a basic expectation which operators need to deliver on. Investing now means they'll be able to deal with the escalating data demands of today and tomorrow."

Graham Payne, Managing Director, MBNL, said: "Mobile data and the increase in smartphone usage is a big growth opportunity for us. Connecting our end users to the online world, from any location and from any device is at the heart of what we do. Working together with Virgin Media Business, the first company in the market to offer this synchronous Gigabit Ethernet service, we will be able to scale for future demand."

  • In May 2011, Huawei confirmed a contract to upgrade the 2G network of Everything Everywhere, the joint venture that operates the networks for T-Mobile (UK) and Orange (UK). There will be a significant increase in coverage and network capacity, including indoor coverage. Customers can also expect HD voice experience for voice calls in line with the UMTS (3G) network. The upgrade will also prepare the Everything Everywhere network for its evolution to LTE in the coming years. Financial terms were not disclosed.

  • In November 2010, Mobile Broadband Network Ltd (MBNL), the network joint-venture between Three and Everything Everywhere, completed a network sharing and consolidation project across the UK. The project, which is managed by Ericsson, consolidates more than 12,000 sites of the two operators into a common infrastructure. Everything Everywhere is the new company that runs Orange and T-Mobile in the UK.

Transmode Wins Ethernet Backhaul Deal with Virgin Media

Transmode was awarded a new eight year contract with Virgin Media Business for Ethernet-based mobile backhaul service delivery networks across the UK. The contract is valued at up to 150 M SEK in 2011 and 2012 and deliveries begin in the third quarter 2011.

Virgin Media Business will begin deploying Transmode's optical networking systems later this year with an initial deployment connecting 14 regional Aggregation Networks (ANs) that will connect a significant number of base stations with fibre-based synchronous Gigabit Ethernet services.

Transmode's Native Packet Optical architecture, including its recently-launched Layer 2 Ethernet Muxponder family, enables Ethernet services to be provided from the mobile operators' core node locations right through to the operator's cell sites.

Telefónica Restructuring Adds Digital Business, Global Focus

Telefónica announced a restructuring aimed at pursuing growth opportunities in digital services, streamlining its organization, and leveraging its global size to unlock economies of scale in network operations.

The three main changes in the new organisational structure are as follows:

New Telefónica Digital -- a new business unit that will be headquartered in London with regional offices in Madrid, Sao Paulo, Silicon Valley and certain strategic hubs in Asia. Its mission will be to bolster Telefónica's place in the digital world. This unit will comprise 2,500 employees from Telefónica's New Global Services Unit (vertical businesses), Terra, Tuenti, Jajah, Telefónica R+D and Media Networks, among others. Heading up this unit will be Mathew Key, who until now was in charge of Telefónica Europe. Activities will include video and entertainment, e-advertising, e-health, financial services, cloud and M2M.

Streamlining and Geographic balancing -- Operations in Spain will now be included with the rest of the company's European operations. José Mar�a �?lvarez-Pallete, head of Telefónica Latin America until now, will oversee Europe, while Santiago Fernández Valbuena, previously General Manager of Strategy, Finance and Corporate Development, will be in charge of Latin America. This change entails the addition of �?ngel Vilá to the Executive Committee as Head of Finance and Corporate Development.

New Global Resources -- this new operating unit will leverage Telefónica size to unlock economies of scale, as well as driving Telefónica's transformation into a fully global company. This unit will be overseen by Guillermo Ansaldo, until now the head of Telefónica Spain.