Saturday, June 25, 2011

Lulz Security Issues "Final" Statement after 50 Day Campaign

Lulz Security issued a "final statement" saying it is disbanding after 50 days of high-profile cyber attacks.

Lulz has claimed credit for, or be associated with, malicious intrusions, SQL injections, data breaches and DDoS attacks against Sony,, Nintendo, Black & Berg Cybersecurity Consulting, Bethesda Game Studios, Minecraft, Finfisher, Infragard (associated with the FBI), U.K. National Health Service, website, website, U.K. Serious Oragnised Crime (SOSA),, Petrobras, U.K. Census 2011, Arizona Department of Public Safety,, AT&T, AOL, and possibly others as well. In a final act, Lulz released a massive data dump of stolen documents, user accounts & passwords and network maps from various multinational corporations and government agencies.

In its farewell statement, Lulz said it was motivated by "uninterrupted thrill of entertainment and anarchy." The group, which claims a crew of six, encouraged others to carry on its mideeds through Anonymous and other Antisec hacker groups.

Several analyst reports cited internal dissent amongst the Lulz crew as the likely cause of its disbanding. So far, only one arrest has been announced in connection with Lulz -- Ryan Cleary, a 19-year old in the U.K.