Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cotendo Raises $17 million for Content Acceleration Service

Cotendo, a start-up based in Sunnyvale, California, raised $17 million private funding for its cloud-based content acceleration technologies.

Cotendo offers an integrated suite of Web and Mobile Acceleration Services from its 30 global distributed point of presence (POPs). Cotendo's single platform software includes acceleration services for dynamic web applications, static and dynamic web content, SSL, Advanced DNS, Adaptive Image Compression, performance monitoring and automatic failover as well as real-time reports and analytics. Cotendo also offers a distributed cloud application environment called Cloudlet that allows decision-making (logic, data) at the edge, closest to the end users.

Strategic investors and new business partners Citrix Systems and Juniper Networks, through its Junos Innovation Fund, participated in this round of funding along with existing venture backers Sequoia, Benchmark and Tenaya Capital. Citrix and Juniper, market leaders in their respective industries, join the growing ranks of Cotendo strategic partners, including AT&T, Google and Sumitomo.

The synergy between the services and technologies of Citrix Systems and Cotendo blend on-premise physical and virtual appliances. The goal is to provide content acceleration and cloud services that optimize delivery from the end user all the way to the enterprise over distributed networks.

The relationship between Juniper Networks and Cotendo will address the demand of service providers for technologies that will enable them to offer value added services and over-the-top services to content providers. This includes mobile carriers, large ISPs, and telecom companies that buy products to serve enterprise customers. Service providers will be able to offer complementary services, with high performance and a low cost of equipment-based capabilities. These software-implemented services on flexible platforms will enable them to gain competitiveness and agility in the marketplace.

Cotendo will also launch and commercialize its new Mobile Acceleration Suite.

France to Open 800 MHz and 2.6 GHz Spectrum for LTE

ARCEP, the telecom regulatory authority in France, will open digital dividend spectrum in the 800 MHz frequency band and spectrum in the 2.6 GHz band for 4G mobile services. ARCEP has now opened applications for spectrum awards in these two frequencies.

The deadline set for submitting applications to ARCEP are: 12 p.m. on 15th September 2011 for the 2.6 GHz band, and 12 p.m. on 15th December 2011 for the 800 MHz band. The Authority will be allocating 2.6 GHz-band spectrum in autumn 2011 and 800 MHz-band spectrum in early 2012.

Ikanos Appoints Banatao as CEO, Reconfirms Q2 Guidance

John Quigley has resigned as president and CEO of Ikanos and as a member of its board of directors. The company named Diosdado Banatao, the executive chairman of Ikanos, as interim president and CEO effective immediately. A permanent CEO is being sought.

Banatao has been the Company's chairman of the board since August 2009 and executive chairman of the board since April 2010 and previously served as the Company's interim president and chief executive officer from April 2010 to July 2010. Banatao has served as a founder and managing partner of Tallwood Venture Capital, a venture capital firm, since July 2000.

In addition, the company confirmed its revenue and earnings outlook for the second quarter of fiscal 2011. The Company expects its revenues for the second quarter to be between $31.0 million and $34.0 million.http://www.ikanos.com

WildBlue offers 1 Mbps Satellite Broadband for $40 for Qualified Customers

With funding under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (Recovery Act), WildBlue will begin offering a discounted price of $39.95 per month for satellite Internet service with 1 Mbps downlink performance. The service will be offered to rural households in the West and Midwest which are unserved by other broadband alternative. The new service package began selling June 3 and includes lifetime pricing for the customer. http://www.wildblue.com
  • In August 2010, WildBlue Communications, a subsidiary of ViaSat, won a grant valued at $19.5 million to connect unserved residents to affordable broadband services. The funding comes from the Department of Agriculture Rural Utilities Service (RUS) under the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 (ARRA). Subscribers covered by the grant would receive service from one of WildBlue's three current satellites - Anik-F2, WildBlue-1, and AMC-15 - and starting in mid 2011, from the new high-capacity ViaSat-1 satellite.

Symmetricom Expands its SyncWorld Ecosystem Program

Symmetricom has expanded its "SyncWorld" Ecosystem Program to include communications test and measurement companies, including Anue Systems, Calnex, Chronos, EXFO, Ixia, and JDSU.

The SyncWorld Ecosystem Program supports interoperability and promotes a standards-based approach to support precise timing and synchronization requirements for communications networks. The six new member companies join the growing list of organizations which are already a part of the SyncWorld Ecosystem Program including: Alcatel-Lucent, Aviat, Brocade, Ciena, Cisco, Extreme Networks, Nokia Siemens Networks (NSN), PMC-Sierra, RAD Data Communications, and Telco Systems.

"Communications test and measurement devices are essential for testing network performance to ensure precise delivery of timing and synchronization and meet standards requirements," said Manish Gupta, vice president of marketing at Symmetricom. "We will continue to enhance the SyncWorld Ecosystem Program to expand and build alliances with industry partners and to address issues important to our mutual end synchronization customers."http://www.symmetricom.com/syncworld

Industry Players Call for Compromise in LightSquared Interference Dispute

A coalition of network industry players are urging the FCC "to create an environment where
LightSquared and GPS can co-exist. Indeed, crafting such a solution is consistent with the charter of the
FCC, who defines its mission as promoting competition, innovation, and investment in broadband
services and encouraging the highest and best use of spectrum." The companies backing this position argue that the LightSquared network will sharply increase the nation's broadband capacity, enhancing wireless competition and providing additional choice, but that it most do so without compromising GPS. Thy believe there is room to develop a
"win-win" solution for America where LightSquared and GPS can co-exist. Over 30 companies signed the petition, including CENX, XO Communications, RCA-the competitive carriers association and others.http://cenx.com/node/120

LulzSec Claims Attack on CIA Public Website

Lulz Security, the hacktivist group behind numerous recent cyber attacks including the U.S. Senate, temporarily knocked the CIA's public website offline on Wednesday. The group takes credit for its exploits on Twitter.http://

Hibernia Atlantic's Project Express Targets Sub <60 Millisecond Latency

Hibernia Atlantic is conducting a deep-sea submarine survey along the the transatlantic route of its forthcoming Project Express cable build. The submarine survey will use specialist ships to sail the exact planned route of the cable from Brean, England to Halifax, Nova Scotia, ensuring the chosen route is free of obstacles and to assess the installation techniques to be used.

Hibernia Atlantic is engineering the Project Express cable to offer the lowest latency route from New York to London of less than 60 milliseconds. The company said will be the fastest, most direct route connecting the continents since the deployment of the first telegraph cables.

  • In January 2011, Hibernia Atlantic announced a $250 million financing commitment for its Project Express, a new, low-latency fiber optic cable system connecting the greater New York City area with London. The new build is expected to be complete in the summer of 2012. Hibernia Atlantic has already secured its first new customers on the cable. The new funding came Huawei Marine Networks Co., which is one of the vendors for the project.

Samsung Picks Cavium's OCTEON Processors

Samsung Electronics will use Cavium Networks' latest OCTEON processors for 3G/4G systems.

Applications for the OCTEON Processors include 4G Base stations and Packet Core environments, which require unprecedented levels of scalability, performance, security and deep packet inspection. Cavium's line of OCTEON Processors from 1 to 32 cores with integrated advanced 3G/4G hardware accelerators are optimized for cost, performance and power for these demanding 4G requirements.

"The demand for secure and intelligent mobile data is growing at a record pace, and the telecom industry is looking for a simple and cost-effective way for the evolution from 3G/WiMAX to LTE/WiMAX 2," said YJ Kim, General Manager, Infrastructure Processor Group, Cavium Networks. "We are delighted to have Samsung as a customer and enable compelling functionality and performance in their 3G/4G systems."http://www.caviumnetworks.com

Novatel Wireless Powers Wireless Credit Card Parking Meter Module

Enfora, a Novatel Wireless company, will supply wireless modules and services for POM's new Parktel Credit Card Parking Meter Module. The Parktel Credit Card Parking Meter Module is an retrofit upgrade to the existing APM-E SII coin-only meters. It fits into the housings and domes of already installed parking meters. http://www.novatelwireless.com http://www.pom.com/ParktelCC.htm

STMicroelectronics Prototypes in 28nm CMOS

STMicroelectronics announced that the CMOS 28nm process is now available for prototyping to universities, research labs and companies through the silicon brokerage services provided by CMP.

ST said this milestone builds on the successful collaboration that has allowed universities and companies to access previous CMOS generations such as 45nm (introduced in 2008), 65nm (introduced in 2006), 90nm (introduced in 2004), and 130nm (introduced in 2003). CMP is also offering 65nm and 130nm SOI (Silicon-On-Insulator), as well as 130nm SiGe processes from STMicroelectronics.

The CMP multi-project wafer service allows organizations to obtain small quantities--typically from a few tens to a few thousand units--of advanced ICs. The cost of the 28nm CMOS process has been fixed to 15,000 Euros/mm2, with a minimum charge of 1mm2 (Users can order a die area as small as 1mm2).http://www.st.com http://cmp.imag.fr

Motorola Mobility Signs Time Warner Cable for Video Gateway

Motorola Mobility is working with Time Warner Cable to develop a video gateway platform incorporating the latest set-top and gateway-related technologies for the home. Motorola's DCX3600M Video Gateway includes built-in transcoding capabilities allowing it to take QAM MPEG-2 services and transcode to MPEG-4 for delivery to mobile devices including tablets and smartphones over the home network. The DCX3600M also provides operators with the flexibility to deliver a mixture of QAM and IP services. The device can tune up to six QAM services simultaneously, or it can access IP services delivered directly over DOCSIS.

"The migration of our network and in-home video services to IP represents an important shift as we look to provide our consumers with the most compelling user experience possible and we are excited to collaborate with Motorola in the area of video gateways," said Mike Hayashi, EVP, Architecture, Development and Engineering, Time Warner Cable. "These types of platforms will offer our customers greater flexibility when accessing our premium services."http://www.motorola.com/mobility

Verizon and Tata Communications Expand Global Telepresence

Verizon and Tata Communications reached an agreement to link their telepresence services. The agreement enables meetings to take place between Verizon's telepresence customers and any public or private telepresence room on the Tata Communications Global Meeting Exchange, which is one of the broadest telepresence networks accessible today and a gateway to the company's public room network spanning 31 cities on five continents.

Verizon and Tata Communications customers currently can use Cisco TelePresence to conduct intercarrier telepresence meetings. Plans are under way to establish similar agreements with other immersive video providers and services to further expand the availability of telepresence.http://www.verizon.com

Motorola Mobility and Honeywell Develop Home Security for Operators

Motorola Mobility is working with Honeywell Security Group to develop an end-to-end security solution for cable and telecom service providers, offering subscribers a connected home security service that enables remote management of alarm panels and associated security devices using multiple control interfaces—including TV, smartphone, PC and tablet. The system will be rooted in Motorola's 4Home software platform, which provides a framework to expand device management across connected home devices, and which can be enabled by service providers under the service architecture for connected home services such as home monitoring, energy management, home health, and others.http://www.motorola.com/mobility

Sipera Integrates With McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator for UC Security Management

Sipera Systems has integrated its UC-Sec enterprise communications security solution and been designated as McAfee Compatible with the McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator (McAfee ePO) security management platform. The integration provides visibility of and control over the security of real-time business communications using converged IP networks. The joint solution allows security managers to block threats and enforce policies on voice-over-IP, IP videoconferencing, SIP trunks, collaboration tools, Cloud-based communications and other real-time applications.

Sipera's products are network devices that provide comprehensive security and application-layer control for real-time UC applications and SIP trunks. As a complement to the existing security architecture, the UC-Sec provides application-layer firewalling, intrusion prevention, threat mitigation, access control and policy enforcement in real-time for delay sensitive applications. Sipera's solutions enable enterprises to migrate mission-critical business communications to converged IP networks, SIP trunks, and Cloud-based service applications without increasing security risk or violating compliance rules.

The McAfee ePO platform lets enterprises and governments centrally manage security and compliance products from multiple vendors, offering cost savings and return on investment.

"Real-time business communications applications such as voice and video conferencing have migrated to converged IP network. Now the security functions of that network must adapt to these new applications," said Adam Boone, Vice President of Marketing and Product Management for Sipera Systems. "Together, the McAfee ePO security management platform and Sipera's groundbreaking VoIP and UC security solutions enable security managers to see and control the security posture of these real-time applications for the first time."

Lockheed Martin Announces Private "BlackCloud" for Government Agencies

Lockheed Martin introduced "BlackCloud", a secure turnkey private cloud solution for government agencies.
BlackCloud integrates Lockheed Martin's architecture with solutions from Cyber Security Alliance partners Cisco, NetApp, and VMware to offer secure multi-tenancy in the data center. The company said the mission of BlackCloud is to ensure end-to-end segmentation of a cloud computing environment while offering the economies of scale customers seek to reduce infrastructure costs.

The BlackCloud architecture offers built-in security features that provide self-provisioning, compliance, and management of the cloud environment, providing tenants with secure end-to-end segmentation of customer computing environments from virtualization to server to network and storage environments. It is also uniquely adaptable to Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) environments, where desktops and virtualized servers are utilized.

"Lockheed Martin believes that through partnering and innovation, we can address both security and compliance concerns while delivering a range of secure cloud solutions to meet our customers' mission requirements," said Curt Aubley, Vice President, NexGen Cyber & Technology Centers, Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global Solutions. "BlackCloud provides a unique combination of scalability, advanced automation, and multi-tenant security."http://www.lockheedmartin.com http://www.lockheedmartin.com/isgs/capabilities/cybersecurity.html

NeoPhotonics Ships PIC-Based Integrated Coherent Receivers for 40, 100 Gbps

NeoPhotonics has quadrupled capacity for PIC-based Integrated Coherent Receivers (ICR) for 40 and 100Gbps coherent fiber optic transport systems. The devices combine the company's PIC-based ICR, which has one of the industry's highest signal detection responses, with advanced digital signal processing on each channel.
The NeoPhotonics ICR is designed to convert the phase encoded optical signals into electrical signals of varying intensity, which can then be analyzed using digital signal processing.

"The rapid increase in the use of coherent transmission technology for 40 Gbps on the line side, coupled with an initial ramp of 100 Gbps coherent systems, necessitates a significant increase in volume shipments of ICRs while maintaining stringent optical performance requirements," said Tim Jenks, Chairman and CEO of NeoPhotonics. "Our photonic integration technology utilizes our semiconductor-based wafer manufacturing capabilities and is inherently high quality, scalable and cost-effective, which positions us ahead of the demand curve for this important technology," concluded Mr. Jenks.http://www.neophotonics.com

Cotendo Announces Mobile Acceleration Suite

Cotendo, which specializes in cloud-based acceleration technologies, introduced a Mobile Acceleration Suite (MAS) to speed up delivery of mobile websites and mobile applications. The solution is especially aimed at reducing latency on mobile devices, which is one of the top revenue killers for content providers. Long page-load times reduce conversions and engagement with applications or sites. The new Cotendo service addresses these latency and page-load performance problems caused by slow or variable mobile network data connectivity rates.

Cotendo's MAS does not require modifications to the origin site, such as creation of separate Web sites or infrastructure dedicated to mobile content. The MAS suite applies optimizations to speed up mobile content delivery at the logic, content and network layers.

Cotendo said these services are available for deployment and are presently operating in numerous customer production environments. Deployments to date have resulted in radical improvements in mobile content delivery performance even for extremely dynamic content that has traditionally choked legacy CDNs and stymied other specialized mobile content delivery offerings.

"While using Cotendo services we've seen up to a 33 percent performance improvement on our site. That's huge because our customers expect instant response when downloading apps to their handsets," said Allan Moger, Operations Manager for GetJar, the world's largest open app and entertainment store for smartphones with 2 billion downloads to date. "Aside from the performance benefits, we chose to use Cotendo services because they understand the importance of the mobile space and are ahead of the curve in improving services for the mobile industry."

Cotendo's Mobile Acceleration Suite also leverages the company's other innovative services for content acceleration including, Dynamic Site Acceleration, CDN Load Balancing, Advanced DNS services, and the unique Cloudlet™ Platform - the first CDN-integrated High Performance Cloud Application Environment.http://www.cotendo.com