Sunday, December 18, 2011

VSS Monitoring Releases Line-Rate Packet Reassembly

VSS Monitoring introduced a packet fragment reassembly feature for greater utilization and network intelligence within analytic tools.

VSS Monitoring provides session-based/flow-aware monitoring solutions to reassemble packets from Gigabit and 10GigE networks to ensure a reliable and efficient session. By prioritizing bandwidth with premium data, the network's QoS can be assured. This latest offering is compatible with IPv4 and IPv6, as well as networks of all maximum transmission unit (MTU) sizes.

The company said the new feature enables enterprises and service providers to realize the full value of their existing investments while improving performance and accuracy from network analytic and security monitoring tools.

"Enterprises and service providers have spent millions of dollars on monitoring tools that have gone unchecked for a decade; many have inefficiencies that impact network visibility, security and uptime," said Martin Breslin, CEO of VSS Monitoring. "Our new solution improves the effectiveness of existing tools and provides clarity on network blind spots and redundancies. With VSS, organizations can meet or exceed existing Service Level Agreements and lower network Total Cost of Ownership."

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