Monday, December 5, 2011

Sprint's Network Vision is Underway -- First Multi-Mode Base Station Deployed

Sprint has deployed the first multi-mode base station as part of its Network Vision architecture. The new base station, which has been activated in Branchburg, New Jersey, is radiating multiple spectrum bands (1.9GHz and 800MHz) and powering both 1x and EVDO services. It is fully integrated with the existing network and performing as expected.

Under its Network Vision plan, Sprint intends to repurpose some of its 800MHz spectrum for Sprint 3G service, thereby enhancing coverage, particularly the in-building experience for customers. Augmenting its 1.9GHz footprint with 800MHz, Sprint expects its CDMA coverage density will increase throughout the country. More density generally equates to fewer dropped calls and a more seamless network experience for customers.

"Customers in Branchburg who are served off of this first cell site may already begin to notice improvements," said Bob Azzi, SVP Network for Sprint. “Months of planning and execution with our partners are resulting in performance improvements that more than meet our expectations. We're excited to begin sharing these improvements with our customers."

Sprint noted that its three year Network Vision rollout is expected to cost an incremental $4 billion to $5 billion and deliver $10 billion to $11 billion in net economic value to the company between 2011 and 2017, with a projected NPV of approximately $6 billion. The primary components of value come from reduced roaming, cell-site reduction, the elimination of dual networks, backhaul efficiencies, reduced churn, more efficient use of capital and energy cost savings.

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