Sunday, December 11, 2011

SandForce Develops SSD Processor for Clouds

SandForce introduced an SSD Processor optimized for cloud computing environments. The SF-2481 SSD Processor features a number of innovations including increasing the endurance of SSDs built with standard MLC flash by incorporating nearly twice the normal error correction strength. SandForce also adds Predictive Failure Analysis capabilities including a new Media Health Test to ensure the highest reliability over the life of the storage solution. The specs include balanced sequential read and write speeds of up to 500 Megabytes/sec and balanced random read and write speeds of up to 60,000 I/Os per second.

  • In October, LSI agreed to acquire SandForce, a start-up based in Milpitas, California, for $322 million in cash, net of cash assumed, and assume approximately $48 million of unvested stock options and restricted shares held by SandForce employees.

    SandForce is a leading provider of flash storage processors for enterprise and client flash solutions and solid state drives (SSDs). Flash storage processors provide the intelligence required to deliver the performance and low-latency benefits of flash storage in enterprise and client applications. With market-proven, differentiated DuraClass™ technology, SandForce flash storage processors improve the reliability, endurance and power efficiency of flash-based storage solutions.