Monday, December 19, 2011

Qualcomm's Dr. Irwin Jacobs Steps Down

Dr. Irwin Mark Jacobs announced his intention to step down at the end of his current term on Qualcomm's Board of Directors.

Dr. Irwin Jacobs served as chief executive officer from Qualcomm's founding on July 1, 1985 to its 20th anniversary, June 30, 2005 and as chairman from founding until March 2009.

"When we first started Qualcomm, I told my wife Joan that, if we were lucky, we might grow to 100 employees," said Dr. Irwin Jacobs. "We clearly have surpassed that. I am immensely proud of the company we have built, its more than 22,000 employees, and the impact Qualcomm has made on the telecom industry and the lives of mobile users worldwide. I leave knowing that Qualcomm's strong management team and technical roadmap will ensure the Company's continuing success."

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