Sunday, December 11, 2011

Oracle Releases Connected Digital Lifestyle Solution

Oracle released its Connected Digital Lifestyle Solution, a unified platform for service exposure, content management and delivery, and advertising to enable new revenue streams and increase customer loyalty. Key elements include:

  • End-to-end digital content retailing platform that enables Service Providers to increase revenue and customer loyalty by deploying compelling, cross platform mobile device and web storefronts

  • Content lifecycle management system allowing CSPs to streamline content publishing processes and enable content providers to easily submit and track their content

  • In-application billing to simplify the purchasing experience and increase revenue through significantly higher conversion rates

  • Service exposure and policy enforcement platform allowing CSPs to monetize unique network assets – such as location data, subscriber profiles, Quality of Service and messaging – by exposing these assets as Web 2.0 application programming interfaces (APIs) to enable the creation of innovative applications and services

  • Multi-channel advertising capabilities – including short message service (SMS), multimedia message service (MMS), mobile web, in-application and video – to stimulate content consumption

  • Location and subscriber profile targeting to increase advertising effectiveness and drive new revenue generating opportunities – such as retailer geofencing

In addition, Oracle released Communications Services Gatekeeper 5.0, an open, standards-based service exposure and policy enforcement solution that enhances a service delivery platform (SDP) to facilitate access to value-added network capabilities in a controlled, secure and automated fashion.