Thursday, December 8, 2011

LightSquared: 30 Wholesale Customers

LightSquared has now signed more than 30 wholesale agreements for capacity on its forthcoming LTE + satellite network. The company argues that the domination of the 4G-LTE market in the U.S. by two incumbent carriers is fueling the market demand for an alternative low-cost, high-quality nationwide wireless broadband network that will allow many industry participants to remain or become competitive.

"Even as LightSquared's network has been delayed by the ongoing process in Washington, dozens of American companies – big and small – continue to seek access to our network," said LightSquared Executive Vice President Frank Boulben, who leads the company's strategy, marketing and sales efforts. "These contracts demonstrate the magnitude of the pent-up market demand for an alternative wireless broadband solution. LightSquared's success is not just about LightSquared. It's about enabling the success of other companies as well."

The list of wholesale customers range from major wireless companies like Sprint to regional carriers such as Leap Wireless and C Spire to rural carriers such as SI Wireless. National retailers such as Best Buy and online retailers like Simplexity have signed on. Other customers include digital services companies like Elevate, as well as regional wireline players across the country such as PowerNet Global and EATEL, which are now able to offer the affordable wireless services that their customers are demanding.

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