Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Fujitsu Releases 100G Packet ONP

Fujitsu introduced a packet optical networking platform (Packet ONP) that employs the latest digital coherent technology with DP-QPSK optical modulation to enable ultrafast optical transmission speeds of 100Gbps x 80W over long distances. The Packet ONP platform employs a modular architecture that enables flexible assembly of WDM and packet transmission. It also features high-speed switchover to back-up lines in under 50ms in the event of network failure. A mesh network also makes trouble isolation possible with Colorless/Directionless/Contentionless (CDC) functionality, which allows for discretionary selection to channel through up to eight circuit routes. Fujitsu is supporting MPLS-TP with this platform.

Fujitsu has previously conducted 100G field trials at transmission speed of 100Gbps in North America. The company said these technologies will strengthen its FLASHWAVE 9500 multiplexed optical transport platform which is widely deployed in the global market. Moving forward, Fujitsu will make available its Packet ONP, integrated with WDM technology for optical transmission, to the domestic Japan and overseas markets.
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