Monday, November 7, 2011

Luxtera Debuts 100 Gbps Silicon Photonic Transceiver

Luxtera introduced its 100 Gbps optical transceiver targeted for 100Gbps Ethernet, OTN and InfiniBand applications as well as emerging OIF (Optical Internetworking Forum) Short Reach (SR) and Very Short Reach (VSR) electrical interconnect to host systems. The device can be socketed directly onto the customers' switch or server boards for both backplane and rack mount connectivity.

Luxtera's single chip opto-electronic transceiver includes four fully integrated 28Gbps transmit and receive channels powered from a single laser for an aggregate unencoded data rate of up to 112Gbps.

Luxtera said its new device leverages mainstream CMOS fabrication processes to deliver on-chip waveguide level modulation and photo-detection along with associated electronics, resulting in a fully-integrated single chip optical transceiver. Light from a single co-packaged laser is used to power multiple optical transmitters on a chip, eliminating the need for multiple lasers and reducing transceiver cost and power consumption.

  • Earlier this year, Luxtera announced a strategic transition from the Active Optical Cable (AOC) business to the semiconductor component business model. The company is introducing its first optical engine chipset supporting InfiniBand, Ethernet, SAS and Fibre Channel connectivity. Luxtera's optical engine chip-set consist of a CMOS opto-electronic transceiver chip and a companion photonic power source. It supports four fully-integrated 14 Gbps opto-electronic transceiver channels on a single CMOS chip. Luxtera's LUX2020A optical engine will be incorporated into the AOC product family recently purchased by Molex Incorporated as part of Luxtera's transition to a fabless semiconductor chip-sets supplier business model.

  • Luxtera is based in Carlsbad, California.

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