Wednesday, November 2, 2011

IBM Deploys Solar Panels for Indian Data Center

IBM is deploying a 50-kilowatt solar panel array over its India Software Lab in Bangalore. The solar-power array designed specifically to run high-voltage data centers, integrating AC- and DC-based servers, water-cooled computing systems and related electronics. The solar system connects directly into the data center's water-cooling and high-voltage DC systems.

IBM said that by employing unique high-voltage DC power conditioning methods – and reducing AC-DC conversion losses – its solution can cut energy consumption of data centers by about 10 percent and tailors solar technology for wider use in industrial IT and electronics installations. The company notes that high-voltage, DC computer servers and water-cooling systems are beginning to replace traditional, AC-powered servers and air-conditioning units in data centers.

"The technology behind solar power has been around for many years, but until now, no one has engineered it for efficient use in IT," said Rod Adkins, senior vice president, IBM Systems & Technology Group. "We've designed a solar solution to bring a new source of clean, reliable and efficient power to energy-intensive, industrial-scale electronics."

IBM plans to make the new solar-power technology available to clients.

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