Monday, November 7, 2011

Hibernia and Huawei Test Coherent 100G Across the Atlantic

Hibernia Atlantic, in conjunction with Huawei Marine, successfully completed a test of coherent 100G connectivity between Halifax, Nova Scotia in Canada to Southport, England. The test marks the first 100G trial across the Atlantic.

The companies now plan to move forward with deployments of 100 Gbps connections between Halifax and Montreal and between Amsterdam and London by Q1 2012, followed by other key routes later in the year.

The trial used Huawei's standards compliant 100 Gbps single wavelength coherent technology, which leverages . Digital Signal Processing (DSP) algorithms and Forward Error Correction (FEC) enabling high capacity transport across transatlantic distances. In addition to performing across distances greater than 5,000 km, the trial has successfully demonstrated long-term, error-free transmission at 100Gbps. Additionally, transmission with existing Huawei 40 Gbps wavelengths at 50 GHz spacing was achieved, allowing for a smooth and seamless bandwidth upgrade. Huawei also successfully demonstrated co-propagation of 100 Gbps wavelengths at 50 GHz spacing which enables future upgrades of subsea capacities up to 5 Tbps.

  • In January 2011, Hibernia Atlantic announced a $250 million financing commitment for its Project Express, a new, low-latency fiber optic cable system connecting the greater New York City area with London. The new build is expected to be complete in the summer of 2012. Hibernia Atlantic has already secured its first new customers on the cable. The new funding came Huawei Marine Networks Co., which is one of the vendors for the project.

  • In December 2008, Huawei Technologies and Global Marine Systems Limited launched a joint venture company to pursue the market for undersea fiber optic cable systems. Huawei Marine Networks is headquartered in Tianjin with R&D institutes and manufacturing bases in Beijing, Shenzhen, and the United Kingdom.