Sunday, November 6, 2011

GE Teams with Juniper on Ruggedized Routers for the Military

GE Intelligent Platforms is collaborating with Juniper Networks (to develop a family of rugged, highly secure routing and network security appliances designed for military/aerospace deployment in harsh environments where security of data is paramount.

With military forces increasing adopting network-centric approach to battlefield operations and systems design, the companies see a requirement for purpose-built rugged routers with advanced security capabilities. Cybersecurity for the devices is a top concern and built-in features include intrusion prevention and detection, firewalls, packet inspection, authentication and access control.

The resulting solutions will be sold by GE Intelligent Platforms.

The RTR8GE is the first product to be announced. A battle-ready, rugged and security-focused network router, it features the field-tested Junos operating system from Juniper Networks. Its firewall, intrusion prevention and detection, and extensive quality of service capabilities enable secure IPv4/IPv6 connectivity for military vehicles, aircraft and forward operating bases supporting net-centric operations. The RTR8GE has eight Gigabit Ethernet ports integrated in a SWaP-optimized enclosure that meets the demanding environmental requirements of military/aerospace applications.

The RTR8GE router supports radio-aware router protocols that monitor network efficiency, available bandwidth and regulate traffic flow, choosing the most efficient network route in mobile, ad-hoc battlefield network environments. It also includes anti-tamper protection and information-assurance technologies in recognition of the sensitive nature of the data it is designed to transport.