Thursday, November 24, 2011

Australia's NBN Co Opens Network Operations Centre in Melbourne

NBN Co opened a $32.5m operations centre in Melbourne's Docklands. The facility serves as the central hub for the National Broadband Network's central hub, housing the facilities that will manage the day-to-day operations of the Australia-wide broadband service. The new Network Service and Operations Centre (NSOC) enables NBN Co to monitor the network across the country, detect faults, manage orders and support the telephone and internet service providers that will sell broadband services to the public.

NBN Co also announced a National Test Facility (NTF), which will allow telephone and internet service providers to test new services before they are rolled out across the NBN. It will also be used to test NBN Co's new products such as the planned multicast capability that is being designed to give telephone and internet providers the ability to deliver high-quality video to support a new wave of services such as IPTV in high-definition.

In addition, NBN Co is opening a "Discovery Centre" at Docklands to give visitors a preview of NBN capabilities. An NBN Co Demonstration Truck will serve a similar function as its visits more than 100 towns and cities across Australia over the next 12 months, starting next week in Tasmania.