Sunday, November 20, 2011

ASSIA Tunes its DSL Optimization with Test Tools

ASSIA has enhanced its flagship DSL Expresse toolset for optimizing the performance of DSL networks with a new release that includes a mobile application that enables field technicians to quickly see the performance characteristics of selected subscriber lines.

ASSIA DSL Expresse 2.5, integrates with standards-based DSL equipment, uses the new iPhone/iPad app to for on-the-go troubleshooting of DSL transmission quality, stability, and overall network performance. The DSL diagnostics are measured on the network side from the central office or aggregation platform down through the copper infrastructure to the subscriber. Moving beyond the PHY layer, DSL Expresse also now delivers Layer 2 monitoring and analysis with customized reports.

In addition, ASSIA's new DSL Expresse version features a VDSL Predictor that identifies DSLs that are prime candidates for conversion to VDSL. The algorithm is able to predict VDSL performance based on prior ADSL to VDSL migrations and comparable line performance for ASSIA customers.