Sunday, November 27, 2011

Amdocs Delivers Pre-Configured "Data Experience Solution" for 3G/LTE

Amdocs introduced a pre-integrated policy and charging solution to help operators rapidly deploy new data services. The Amdocs Data Experience Solution is a unified hardware and software system that pre-integrates a policy control and charging engine with product catalog and subscriber management functions.

Leveraging network and policy control assets of Bridgewater Systems, which Amdocs acquired earlier this year, the Amdocs Data Experience Solution features single, synchronized service definition and creation through the Amdocs Enterprise Product Catalog. This provides rapid configuration and extension of pre-configured market offers. It uses standards-based interfaces and features multi-vendor interoperability for ease of deployment into 3G and LTE network environments. Productized APIs (application programming interfaces) enable a single point of integration into provisioning, notification, billing and self-care environments.

Amdocs notes that the underlying product technology of this solution has been production-proven in leading service provider networks serving more than 100 million mobile subscribers.

Pre-configured market offers in the Amdocs Data Experience Solution include:

Tiered Services: Innovative data plans based on a combination of time, volume and application that provide new monetization capabilities (for example, targeted social networking or business data plans).

Shared Wallet: A common data quota that can be shared across a family or enterprise with unused quota diverted across plan members and devices in real time.

Up-sell Capabilities: Temporary add-on services that can be automatically offered and provisioned, such as data roaming or bandwidth boost, to increase ARPU.

Bill Shock Prevention: A personal usage limit with advance notifications that can be easily set by customers for increased transparency and data experience satisfaction.

Data Pass: Temporary data access that can be offered and provisioned quickly, such as a 24-hour roaming data pass.

Pay - Per-Use: Convenient access to data services that are paid for as they are consumed (as opposed to a monthly plan).

In addition, Amdocs provides network control and subscriber management capabilities pre-integrated and configured, including:

LTE Data: Support for next generation 4G services that feature guaranteed quality of service for a superior data experience.

WiFi Offload: Transparent offloading from 3G to WiFi which allows service providers to better manage network congestion.

  • In August 2011, Amdocs completed its previously announced acquisition of Bridgewater Systems for CAD$8.20 per share in cash, for about CAD$211 million, or CAD$139 million net of Bridgewater's cash, in aggregate.

    Bridgewater Systems developed pre-integrated solutions for mobile and converged operators. Its portfolio includes Service Controller (AAA), Policy Controller (PCRF) and Home Subscriber Server (HSS), anchored by a common identity and device management system. Amdocs offers business and operational support systems, service delivery platforms, and professional services for network operators. The company generated approximately $3.0 billion in revenue in fiscal 2010, Amdocs has over 19,000 employees and serves customers in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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