Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ultra-fast Broadband Rollout Begins in South Island, New Zealand

Chorus, the wholesale division of Telecom New Zealand, and Crown Fibre Holdings announced the start of the ultra-fast broadband (UFB) rollout in the South Island. The first site for the new network infrastructure is Blenheim's town centre.

Crown Fibre Holdings Limited (CFH) was chartered by the Government of New Zealand to manage a nationwide rollout of FTTH Ultra-Fast Broadband.

Chorus CEO Mark Ratcliffe said the new ultra-fast broadband network will pass some 3,000 Blenheim homes, schools, health facilities and businesses by July next year.

"Today we've taken the first step towards Blenheim's fibre future and we're eager to work with partners, local council and community groups to extend our network to more suburbs in the coming year," said Ratcliffe.

"It's great to see the deployment of UFB commencing in Blenheim," said Graham Mitchell, CEO of Crown Fibre Holdings. "A transformation in New Zealand telecommunications infrastructure has well and truly begun. We look forward to seeing it reflected in new retail products and services."

In line with Government policy, fibre will be delivered first to priority customers, which includes schools, health facilities and businesses. http://www.crownfibre.govt.nz