Wednesday, October 26, 2011

PCTEL Works with LightSquared on GPS Interference Solution

LightSquared is working with PCTEL, a developer of antennas, to resolve concerns over high precision GPS receivers. Specifically, PCTEL has developed an antenna that will allow existing high precision users to retrofit their GPS devices to make them compatible with LightSquared's network. This antenna provides high precision GPS users with another in a series of solutions to make their equipment LightSquared-compatible. The design will be tested by Alcatel-Lucent's Bell Labs.

LightSquared noted that PCTEL is the third company to collaborate with it on a solution to high-precision GPS interference issues.

Earlier this month, GPS device maker Javad GNSS announced the design of antennas that can be retrofitted onto existing devices and the development of new receivers that are compatible with LightSquared's network. Additionally, Partron America has created a filtering component that costs only $6.