Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Orange and China Telecom Announce Partnership

Orange and China Telecom signed a strategic partnership framework agreement in Beijing. The first areas of cooperation involve providing improved access and services for Orange's business customers in China and China Telecom's in Europe; improved access to international cable networks for both parties; and providing WiFi roaming services for both parties' customers.

The agreement, which may be extended to other areas at a later date, covers cooperation in several specific areas: IPVPN cooperation: Orange has agreed to establish cooperation in IPVPN (Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network) services across its footprint in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, to allow China Telecom to extend IPVPN services for subsidiaries of Chinese multinational companies;

managed services: China Telecom has agreed to provide managed outsourced and field services to Orange's multinational customers in China to allow Orange to improve IPVPN services to its enterprise customers in China and other Asia-Pacific countries;

network resources cooperation: both parties have agreed to complement each other's network development planning and deployment in their respective regions, focusing on the submarine and terrestrial cable links between the Asia and Asia-Pacific regions and Europe, as well as ensuring improved connectivity to Africa;

WiFi roaming: Orange will facilitate the ability of China Telecom's customers to roam on WiFi hotspots in Europe; and China Telecom will facilitate the ability of Orange's customers to roam on WiFi hotspots in China. 12-Oct-11