Monday, October 31, 2011

Mindspeed Introduces Comcerto Processor for Connected Homes

Mindspeed Technologies has extended its line of Comcerto 1000 SoC processors with a new device aimed at Service Offload Platform (SOP) boxes for the connected home. Mindspeed said SOP will make it possible for service providers to deliver value-added connected home applications without requiring the installation of enhanced set-top boxes (STBs) or multi-function broadband home routers (BHRs).

Mindspeed's single-core M83160 and dual-core M83240 processors are the first in a family of Comcerto 1000S application-specific SoC processors optimized for the cost, speed, bandwidth and compact footprint that are required for powering this new type of CPE hardware. SOP Boxes are expected to be roughly the same size as an external hard drive. Key features will include dual-core redundancy to ensure mission-critical service reliability, and both IPSec and secure sockets layer (SSL) hardware encryption to support secure transfer of user and usage information. ,The boxes will also feature an Ethernet connection to the router and a number of USB ports to accommodate various application client devices. The Comcerto 1000S processors will be supported by Mindspeed's OpenMind ecosystem, which includes a complete OSGi and Java application-development framework to speed SOP Box development for a wide range of connected home applications.

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