Sunday, October 2, 2011

Juniper Offers Cloud-based Network Simulation with Junosphere

Juniper Networks introduced a cloud-based, virtual network simulation laboratory that enables service providers and large enterprises to accurately model their networks prior to real-world changes or deployments.

Junosphere Lab is a virtual environment that allows network operators to create and run networks on-demand, enabling network modeling, testing and planning at a scale that is practically impossible to achieve with physical equipment. Network operators can use Junosphere to speed service introduction, plan more effectively and reduce the risk of network changes.

Using Junosphere Lab, network personnel can create and model virtual networks running the Junos operating system as a substitute for or supplement to physical test labs, eliminating significant power, cooling and space requirements. Companies can upload an existing network topology to Junosphere and then simulate traffic and applications.

"Junosphere Lab leverages the power of cloud networking to help customers plan and operate their networks more efficiently," said Manoj Leelanivas, executive vice president, Junos Application Software Business Group, Juniper Networks. "The economic and operational benefits of cloud-based network modeling are astounding, and the innovation of Junosphere Lab brings these benefits to our customers so they can shape and scale their next generation networks with agility."

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