Thursday, October 20, 2011

Huawei to Launch TV White Space LTE TDD System Trial

Huawei has begun a TV White Space (TVWS) LTE TDD system trial. The company said it gas been working on the technology for the past two years and recently completed a laboratory trial. The next phase—the system performance and interference coordination test and field trial—will be finalized in mid-2012.

"The LTE TDD system can take full advantage of TVWS bandwidth and enhance spectrum efficiency," said Mr. Tan Zhu, director of wireless strategy department, Huawei. "We have seen that our TVWS LTE TDD system offers broader coverage and fewer sites, reducing both capital and operational expenditures. This LTE TDD system will benefit network and service providers by offering a combination of strong operation and management capability, a mature industry chain, and variety of deployment scenarios. We are excited to undertake the second phase of the trial next year."


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