Sunday, October 9, 2011

F5 Expands its BIG-IP Application Delivery Controllers

F5 Networks has expanded its range of Application Delivery Controller (ADC) solutions with a new BIG-IP 11000 platform specifically designed for high levels of throughput for application acceleration and data center-to-data center replication. The new platform boasts up to 20 Gbps of LAN-side throughput, 16 Gbps of hardware compression, and optional solid-state drives.

F5 is also introducing Federal Information Processing Standard-compliant Hardware Security Module editions of the BIG-IP 11000 and 11050 platforms to help government, healthcare, and financial services organizations meet SSL encryption mandates.

F5 says that managing FIPS security through the BIG-IP system instead of on individual servers yields 25 percent savings on compliance costs. In addition to the new 11000 series releases, F5 is expanding its 6900 series to include the BIG-IP 6900S hardware platform to support applications that require high levels of SSL processing.

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