Monday, October 24, 2011

DragonWave Debuts its "Avenue" Microcellular Solution

DragonWave introduced its "Avenue" backhaul solution for small cell base stations.

DragonWave's new product accommodates a wide range of 3G or 4G microcellular RAN access units and leverages an integrated backhaul antenna array supporting up to three simultaneous backhaul beam paths using frequencies ranging from 2 GHz to 80 GHz to deliver 1.2 Gbps of aggregate, full-duplex capacity. Alternatively, the Avenue can be backhauled via fiber or DSL.
RAN base stations integrated into the Avenue can be backhauled over distances up to 4 km/2.5 mi. The Avenue's ultra-high capacity enables the support of a wide range of network topologies (self-healing rings, constrained meshes, point-to-point/daisy-chaining or multi-point).

DragonWave said it engineered the Avenue to deliver the highest levels of spectral efficiency and reliability for carrier-grade delivery of advanced applications and services.