Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Crossbeam's 6th Generation Blades Scale Security to 640 Gbps per Platform

Crossbeam Systems introduced sixth generation network processing blades and a major upgrade to its X-Series Operating System (XOS 9.6), enabling its network security platform to scale up for the security performance requirements of 4G mobile network operators.
The Crossbeam X-Series security platform can now scale to cope with 100 million concurrent IP connections and 640 Gbps of full duplex network connectivity.

Crossbeam's blades combine Intel core processors, network processors from other vendors and proprietary technology to scale performance of deep packet inspection applications. The new 9610 and 9650 Network Processing Modules (NPM) enable the consolidation of four times more network security infrastructure. Crossbeam said an average of 100 one-rack unit security devices and related networking hardware can be consolidated on a single X-Series platform.

Crossbeam enables the integration of NetFlow monitoring so service providers can measure the status and performance of data traffic on their networks. It also supports Traffic Steering, making it possible for service providers to send specific traffic types, such as video or SSL, to different security services running inside the X-Series. This dramatically improves the efficiency of the system by only inspecting what is necessary to secure the network, thus optimizing processing power and lowering capital expenses.

“Security performance is much more than vanilla speeds and feeds. While throughput and latency are critical elements, you also must consider the type of traffic and packet sizes involved for both current and future requirements,�? said Chet Gapinski, vice president of product development at Crossbeam. “This is something Crossbeam has been acutely aware of in working with customers – including 16 of the top 20 fixed and mobile operators – and the improvements we've made to the X-Series are designed to ease the burden they face in planning and delivering intelligent, scalable and high-performing security architectures.�?http://www.crossbeam.com