Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Cool Demo: Cavium's Small Cell Base Station

Cavium's recently introduced small cell “Base Station on a chip�? is being used to deliver eight simultaneous connections, including streaming of five HD videos, at the maximum possible data throughput.
This demonstration platform, which was shown at the 4G World show last week in Chicago, consists of a commercially available 4G/LTE client, an OCTEON Fusion Technology based eNodeB base station, Cavium's FusionStack eNodeB software, and a commercial 4G/LTE EPC (Evolved Packet Core) solution.
The demo shows how an LTE base station can be shrunk to the size of an iPad.

  • In October, Cavium introduced its small cell "Base Station-on-a-chip" family for LTE and 3G networks.

    The new OCTEON Fusion series, which builds on the company's established L2-L7 presence in existing wireless infrastructure, combines Octeon's MIPS64 based multi-core architecture with purpose-built Baseband DSP cores, extensive LTE/3G hardware accelerators and digital front end (DFE) functionality into a single chip. This enables very small footprint designs, including picocell and micro base stations, with a minimal bill-of-materials (BOM) and power envelopes.

    Significantly, the new OCTEON Fusion can be used for small cell LTE base stations scaling from 32 users to 300+ users and up to dual 20MHz carriers, making it a more powerful small cell base station solution than its competitors.