Thursday, October 27, 2011

Cablevision's Q3 Revenues Rise 8% to $1.666 billion

Cablevision, which serves the greater New York metro area, reported an 8% YoY rise in Q3 revenue to $1.666 billion Consolidated adjusted operating cash flow (“AOCF�?) was essentially flat at $539.3 million and consolidated operating income decreased 11.7% to $272.4 million, all compared to the prior year period.

Cablevision now has 3,626,000 total customers. Video customers number 3,264,000; high-speed data customers number 2,949,000; and voice customers number 2,984,000.

High-speed data subs increased by 17,000 in the quarter and voice lines grew by 38,000. Video customers declined by 19,000 in the quarter for the total company.

Cablevision now has 560,000 unique Apple devices using its optimum app.

Cable Television third quarter 2011 net revenues increased 9.1% to $1.490 billion, AOCF decreased 1.1% to $550.6 million and operating income decreased 12.0% to $322.0 million, all compared to the prior year period. The increase in revenue compared to the prior year period was due primarily to the addition of Bresnan in the results for the third quarter 2011.

For third quarter 2011, Lightpath net revenues increased 6.2% to $77.5 million, AOCF increased 16.9% to $33.4 million and operating income more than doubled to $11.5 million, each as compared to the prior year period. The improved results were driven primarily by a 17.9% increase in revenue from Ethernet services, offset in part by higher operating expenses to support the increase in Ethernet installations. http://www.cablevision.som


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