Monday, October 24, 2011

Bytemobile Publishes Mobile Video Analytics Report

Demand for higher-quality video resolution is growing steadily in mobile networks worldwide, according to Bytemobile newly released Mobile Analytics Report. Some key findings:

  • On average, mobile subscribers consume their total daily video content in a single session.

  • Video users click through multiple videos before terminating their session.

  • On average, mobile video subscribers watch 10 videos sequentially.

  • Across geographies, subscribers on un-optimized networks view approximately 60 seconds of each video clip, while subscribers on optimized networks watch 90 seconds.

  • On an average day, 17% of total laptop subscribers consume video content, compared to 11% of total iPhone subscribers and 7% of total Android subscribers. Less than one percent of feature phone subscribers attempt to consume video content.

  • During off-peak network hours, an individual subscriber will consume twice as much video content in a single session than they would during peak hours.

  • demanding higher-quality videos across all device types.

  • Form factor, screen size and user interface impact mobile video consumption.

  • Depending on network conditions and time of day, mobile videos stall between 5 percent and
    40 percent of the time.

  • Video optimization technology reduces stalling by 30-50 percent.