Monday, October 17, 2011

Benu Targets Mobile Edge Gateways

Benu, a start-up based in Billerica, Mass., is building a new Mobile Edge Gateway (MEG) for 4G Evolved Packet Core (EPC) networks.

Benu's Mobile Edge Gateway (MEG) is a carrier-grade, purpose-built hardware and software platform that dynamically instantiates standard EPC network functions, including a Serving Gateway (SGW), PDN Gateway (PGW), Security (SeGW), and a full Service Edge Router (SER). Its architecture leverages a unique Secure Distributed Fabric that utilizes IP to create communication links between multiple MEGs and allows a single MEG to consolidate and align subscriber management traffic to the Control Plane, thus minimizing the number of northbound interfaces and elements. In essence, this virtualizes the intelligence layers of the 4G network to account for future applications and business models.

Benu said it is leveraging hardware acceleration to provide sophisticated intelligence, optimization, routing, and security with no performance degradation. Its goal is to maximize "good throughput" to enhance subscriber QoE and more efficiently utilize the mobile operator's RAN. The platform is also designed to provide robust security for macro and small cell aggregation and Internet backhaul.

Product release dates were not specified.

"As mobile devices become more capable, driving busy hour data rates higher, operators must rethink centralized architectures and embrace more intelligent, distributed architectures,�? states Dave Callan, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Benu. “Benu's innovative architecture and advanced technology distributes intelligence without distributing the complexity."

  • Benu is headed by Dave Callan (Founder & Chief Executive Officer), who previously the founder and CEO of RiverDelta Networks (acquired by Motorola), a designer and manufacturer of broadband cable IP service delivery platforms. Benu's senior team also includes Michael Brown (Founder, President & COO), previously COO and Vice President of Business Development of RiverDelta; and Raj Duggal (Founder & Vice President of Engineering), previously Senior Director of 4G Wireless Gateway Development at Motorola and, prior to that, Vice President of Switching and Routing Technology at RiverDelta.

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