Monday, October 10, 2011

BelAir's LTE+3G+Wi-Fi Metrocell Also Integrates Backhaul

BelAir Networks introduced a compact LTE+3G+Wi-Fi Metrocell featured integrated wireless backhaul and designed for massive, city-wide, small cell deployments.

The new BelAir2100 LTE/3G/Wi-Fi Metrocell, which builds on the company's existing portfolio of Carrier Wi-Fi solutions, supports multiple licensed bands, Carrier Wi-Fi access and a range of integrated wireless and wireline backhaul options in a small, robust and easy to install base station. The company is aiming the product at metropolitan in-fill coverage. BelAir said its design mitigates interference and enables full RF interoperability between the licensed band and Wi-Fi access radios.

Significantly, the unit will offer a bladed approach for 3G/LTE radio access. This will allow a carrier to use small cell radio modules compatible with their macro RAN infrastructure and perhaps even from the same vendors as their macro gear. The Wi-Fi capabilities could be used for offload from the cellular network or be configured for backhaul in a resilient mesh or point-to-point links. A series of units could be deployed in adjoining and intermeshed small cells requiring only electrical power.

"BelAir Networks has a track record of delivering market-making small cell solutions to help our customers save time, money and deliver improved services," said Bernard Herscovich, president and CEO, BelAir Networks. "We were the first to engineer Wi-Fi for the demanding carrier environment, first to successfully integrate Wi-Fi with licensed bands and now, with the BelAir2100 LTE/3G/Wi-Fi Metrocell, first to unlock the potential for outdoor small cells."

A few of the key features of the new BelAir2100 Metrocell:

  • Combination of licensed band access with Carrier Wi-Fi and wireless backhaul in a small, easy to install form factor

  • Support for multiple licensed band radios

  • Integrated dual 802.11n Carrier Wi-Fi radios support Hotspot 2.0 (including 802.11u) standards for seamless secure roaming

  • Scalable management supporting up to 100,000 metrocells in a single network

  • Edge-based policy enforcement interfacing with carrier's policy management system

  • Edge-based security

  • Support for carrier-grade legal intercept

  • Network wide mobility

  • Integrated wireless and wireline backhaul options including high performance switched mesh.

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