Sunday, September 11, 2011

RED-C Intros Next Gen ROADM Amplifiers

RED-C Optical Networks introduced a new set of amplifiers specifically designed to target next generation ROADM networks. These include a variety of high density EDFA packages for integration in ROADM line cards, as well as a new four-pump Hybrid Raman-EDFA module enabling dynamic path reconfiguration.

RED-C said its new model provides seamless integration of a distributed Raman pre-amplifier and a variable gain EDFA in a single compact module. The integrated Hybrid control circuitry operates in advanced AGC mode so that the combined Raman and EDFA gain is accurately measured and controlled, including fast transient suppression. The module operation and interface are similar to those of a traditional variable gain EDFA, and therefore requires no special system adaptations. Thanks to advanced laser safety mechanisms the module is classified as Class 1M with respect to laser safety.