Monday, September 5, 2011

Mindspeed Introduces Burst-Mode Transimpedance Amplifier for GEPON

Mindspeed Technologies introduced a 1.25 Gbps complement to its 10 Gbps Ethernet Passive Optical Network (10G-EPON) burst-mode receiver chipset that delivers a complete solution for GEPON/10G-EPON optical line termination (OLT) receiver equipment used in central office (CO) locations. The new 1.25 Gbps transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for CO-side OLT equipment can be used with the company's previously announced continuous-mode 1.25 Gbps TIA for subscriber-side Optical Networking Units (ONU) equipment, which creates an end-to-end solution for GEPON applications. Mindspeed also offers a receiver solution for next generation higher-speed 10G-EPON applications, consisting of its 10Gbps burst-mode TIA for OLT equipment. Each of Mindspeed's end-to-end solutions is also complemented by ONU and OLT laser drivers and post amplifiers to create complete solutions on each side of the link.

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