Monday, September 12, 2011

Metaswitch's New SBC Offers Independent Scaling of Signaling and Media

Metaswitch Networks introduced its Perimeta session border controller designed for independent scaling of signaling and media functions. The platform represents a new class of SBC because currently deployed systems are not optimized to handle the highly dynamic session environment brought on by massive number of mobile devices and services such as presence and IM. The challenge is expected to become more acute with the adoption of VoLTE and RCS-e applications.

Metaswitch, which has a long history of developing SBC software solutions for OEM partners, believes a more flexible architectures is required. Its new session border control features discrete software modules for signaling and media functions. These may be installed on separate hardware elements to provide a distributed solution to session border control, or combined together as an integrated appliance. By independently scaling signaling and media capacity, network operators can avoid stranding unused media capacity as signaling grows. Centralizing the signaling function, rather than having multiple SBCs, also makes it easier to manage the network and reduces CAPEX.

The Metaswitch Perimeta is an ATCA COTS platform supporting 3GPP IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) standards, including VoLTE: P-CSCF, IMS-ALG, and IMS-AG. It leverages the latest multi-core, multi-threaded CPUs to scale performance. Perimeta also provides post-analysis forensic capabilities with detailed protocol decode information on every SIP message it exchanges with the network and every internal routing and processing decision it makes.

The company noted that more than 30 operators have already validated this approach and purchased Perimeta for their networks.