Thursday, September 8, 2011

KT to Integrate Cisco's Videoscape Media Suite

KT has agreed to integrate Cisco's Videoscape Media Suite, a cornerstone component of the Cisco Videoscape portfolio, into its unified content management system. Videoscape is a TV platform for service providers that utilize the network, cloud and client devices together to deliver new, high-quality video experiences over the Internet. It supports PC/Mac/iOS/Android clients to efficiently manage and publish content across multiple screens.

KT serves over 16 million mobile subscribers and over 7.6 million fixed broadband Internet subscribers with nearly 2.5 million customers now subscribed to its ‘olleh tv' IPTV service.

KT is also now making various multimedia services available to its customers via PCs and third-party devices, and is creating a new culture for ‘N Screen' media services by offering connections to a wide range of content including video, audio, e-books and online games.

  • In January 2011, Cisco's John Chambers outlined a new "Videoscape" portfolio of five major product families aimed at "transforming the TV experience." The goal is to work with Service Providers to allow any device over any network to access any content to which they are entitled. Cisco Videoscape would enable service providers to monetize activities outside their own network or traditional device footprints.

    A key facet of Videoscape is about delivering a consistent interface across multiple devices, while providing a universal guide and search capabilities across all content sources. This requires building capabilities into the service provider's video back-office using APIs extending across content management systems and virtualized storage. The capabilities would be social network-aware and open to advertising opportunities.

    Telstra was named as a lead customer.

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