Monday, September 26, 2011

IP Infusion's ZebOS 7.9 Adds Data Center, Mobile Backhaul & Carrier Ethernet Features

IP Infusion released the latest version of its ZebOS software for network equipment manufacturers, adding a host of capabilities for data center networking, mobile backhaul and Carrier Ethernet. Some of the top enhancements to ZebOS 7.9 include:

Data Center Networking – ZebOS 7.9 implements the data center bridging extensions to accelerate the transition from Fibre Channel to FCoE in Storage Area Networks (SANs). New capabilities include Priority-based flow control (IEEE 802.1Qbb), enhanced transmission selection (IEEE 802.1az), congestion notification (IEEE 802.1Qau), and Data Center Bridging Exchange (DCBX) protocol, which allows the autoexchange of Ethernet parameters.IP Infusion is also delivering TRILL (Transparent Interconnect of Lots of Links), which eliminates the problems associated with using the Spanning Tree Protocol in a data center network. TRILL enables optimization and load balancing of over-subscribed data center switches and network paths. Network equipment providers can create a fully meshed network where all links are available on all paths, eliminating the need to over provision links and improving the utilization of data center networking equipment. IP Infusion also supports split-control plane architecture.

Mobile Backhaul – ZebOS 7.9 provides the Mobile Backhaul Implementation Agreement for Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF)—MBH IA. The software now supports a variety of circuit emulation methods, including pseudo-wire support for ATM/HDLC emulation. With the addition of IEEE 1588v2 Precision Time Protocol (PTP) support, network equipment providers can deliver sub-microsecond clock accuracy. IP Infusion has also implemented IEEE 802.1ak to enable mobile backhaul providers to dynamically provision VLANs.

Carrier Ethernet – ZebOS 7.9 offers new capabilities to accelerate the transformation to Carrier Ethernet. This includes implementation of the MEF 13 and MEF 20 specifications that define standard services, and open the door to interoperability of networking equipment. To improve manageability, ZebOS implements new service management capabilities, including support for MPLS-TP, providing a reliable packet-based technology for transport networks. Specific protocols implemented: Service management: MPLS-TP—5654, 5960, RFC 5586 (OAM), RFC 5921; Quality of service: MEF 13 and MEF 20.

IP Infusion believes the networking industry is rapidly moving away from the hardware dominated solutions of the early 21st century to a network defined by software platforms. Its ZebOS routing and switching software enables network equipment to rapidly add features to their telco-grade products, as well easily port these products to new platforms that leverage the latest merchant silicon.

“The future of networking is software, and IP Infusion is the de facto standard for software-based routing and switching software platforms,�? said Koichi Narasaki, president and CEO of IP Infusion. “For more than a decade IP Infusion has provided a software platform used in mission-critical networks in mobile backhaul, carrier transport, and data center networks. The latest additions to our ZebOS software will help customers stay ahead of the innovation curve, enabling them to quickly adapt to changing market requirements.�?