Thursday, September 29, 2011

Intel Labs Opens Center for Pervasive Computing at U of Washington

Intel has opened its latest Science and Technology Center to focus on pervasive computing. The new facility, which is hosted by the University of Washington, will bring together researchers from five other universities as well. will focus on developing applications that are organized into the following themes: low-power sensing and communication; understanding human state and activities; and personalization and adaptation.

"The next generation of pervasive computing systems will continuously learn environments, objects, schedules and preferences of their users," said Limor Fix, Intel's director of academic programs and research. "These future apps will be capable of supporting complex tasks such as cooking a soufflé or building a complicated piece of furniture. Consumers will have a far richer experience than the technologies of today can offer and will be able to spend far more time achieving their goals than figuring out how to make the technology work."

The new Intel ISTC for pervasive computing is the fifth center to open this year.