Monday, September 12, 2011

Ikanos Debuts Dual-Core Processors for Next Gen Services Gateways

Ikanos Communications introduced two dual-core communications processors – the Fusiv Vx175 and Fusiv Vx173 -- designed for a wide range of devices including femtocell gateways, smart energy gateways, mobile broadband routers, optical networking terminals, network attached storage and other next generation services gateways. The new devices add to the company's Fusiv portfolio and extend the range of access types supported to PON, LTE and other broadband technologies.

Key features of the Vx175/173 processors include:

  • Advanced Dual-Core Processor Architecture – The Vx175/173 communications processors have two MIPS cores. In the Vx175, cores provide up to 600MHz processing power. The Vx173 cores run at 400MHz.

  • Dedicated Voice Processing Engine – An integrated DSP engine delivers full-chain deployment proven VoIP, capable of handling four voice channels simultaneously.

  • Programmable Hardware Accelerators – In addition to the dual core MIPs processors, the Vx175/173 also includes programmable hardware accelerator processors to provide flexibility, improved performance and quality of service. These enable bi-directional Gigabit routing performance while consuming a small fraction of the Fusiv's processing power.

  • Multiple Interfaces for LAN/WAN Integration – The Vx175/173 includes a number of built-in interfaces – including up to three Gigabit MACs, two PCIe and two USB 2.0 hosts.

  • Security (IPsec) Performance – The Vx175 has a built-in hardware encryption engine to protect traffic over the Web without a performance penalty.
    Integrated SATA Interface – The Vx175 has a built-in SATA interface for direct network attached storage (NAS) for the warehousing of local content. This content can be shared directly from the gateway throughout the home or passed via a secure connection to outside backup services or other cloud-based applications.

  • Dynamic Power Management – The new chipsets support European Code of Conduct and Home Gateway Initiative (HGI) energy efficiency requirements.

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