Monday, September 19, 2011

IDT Unveils Family of Universal Frequency Translators

Integrated Device Technology (IDT) introduced a family of Universal Frequency Translators (UFTs) with industry-leading phase noise performance and targeted at communications line cards, networking interfaces, embedded systems, and 4G wireless base-stations.

The new devices accept a wide range of input frequencies from 8kHz to 710MHz and translate them into output frequencies from 1MHz – 1.3GHz, without the limitation of an integer relationship between input and output. IDT said that unlike other universal frequency translation products on the market, IDT's devices offer industry-leading jitter and phase noise performance, making them ideal for use in high-performance applications where multiple frequency translations are needed, such as in communications and networking equipment that carry multi-service traffic. In addition, the devices feature the capability to adjust the degree of jitter attenuation performed, allowing the same device to be used in multiple applications or scenarios without the need to change components on the circuit board.