Wednesday, September 28, 2011

CableLabs Establishes PeerConnect Registry

CableLabs has established a "PeerConnect" registry to help cable operators facilitate end-to-end IP communications.

The PeerConnect registry helps cable operators to automate their OSS-BSS service data provisioning for subscriber communication exchanges. It is not a traffic exchange hub, so no media traverses the system. The registry supports three primary service elements:

Registration Services -- allowing cable operators to dynamically provision various data elements into the registry. Examples of such service data include telephone numbers or routing numbers commonly used to establish VoIP calls, all the associated session establishment data such as a SIP route , or other data to provide links to the SMS gateways capable of receiving SMS to these numbers.

Resolution Services -- for cable operators or their PeerConnect partners to perform number translation querying the registry

Replication Services -- to dynamically distribute data for SMS-MMS and VoIP services to select partner companies primarily for session routing purposes.

"The PeerConnect registry allows Comcast to move telephone number translation services inside the IP domain," said Phil Miller, Vice President, Strategic Partnership Development, Comcast Communications and Data services. "It provides a scalable solution for us to dynamically distribute numbers and other IP voice session routing data to select partners."

"Cablevision has been using the PeerConnect registration services for some time with great success to disseminate IP session routing information to peers. It is a scalable solution for managing peering relationships and it is built on open standards to advertise session routing data to various valued-added service companies," said Wayne Thompson, Vice President, Telecom and Internet Management at Cablevision Systems Corp.

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