Sunday, September 25, 2011

Broadcom Samples Next Gen Carrier Ethernet Aggregation Silicon

Broadcom introduced its next generation StrataXGS switching silicon for next-generation, high-density Carrier Ethernet aggregation platforms, including packet transport-oriented (PTN) and IP-oriented (IP-RAN) aggregation networks.

Two new devices are sampling now and expected to enter volume production next year: the StrataXGS BCM56640 series for modular platforms and the StrataXGS BCM56540 series for fixed carrier Ethernet platforms. Both devices feature the latest Carrier Ethernet innovations including MPLS-TP, MPLS OAM, integrated time synchronization, upgraded protection switching, and extensive IPv4 and IPv6 routing resources.

BCM56640 Series Features:

  • 240 Gbps fully-integrated multilayer Carrier Ethernet aggregation switch for modular platforms

  • Unites integrated 10G serial technology with massive forwarding scale to deliver single-chip line cards from 48xGE up through 100GE. Line cards options could include 48 GigE ports, 12X 10 GigE ports, 3x 40 GigE ports, or 1x 100 GigE ports. No PHYs required.

  • Latest generation expandable TCAM interface offers a platform for up to 1M IPv6 longest-prefix route lookups

BCM56540 Series Features

  • 180 Gbps fully-integrated multilayer Carrier Ethernet switch for fixed platforms

  • New flexible port logic allows per-SerDes sharing between GE, 2.5GE, and 10GE modes, delivering flexibility for centralized switch silicon system architectures

  • New flexible forwarding technology allows providers to allocate lookup resources on a per-application basis, vastly improving the application range of a given system solution.

  • 2.5GEBroadcom's F.XAUI technology allows 10GE interfaces to be reassigned on the fly to GE or 2.5GE

Broadcom is introducing the new products at this week's P&T/Expo Comm in Beijing. The company said its vision for the aggregation network is particularly suited for the PTN and IP-RAN architectures being pursued by China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom

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