Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Broadband Forum Release Fiber Access Specifications

The Broadband Forum released its BroadbandSuite 5.0, which brings together all its work for fiber access networks.
Specifically, BroadbandSuite 5.0 encompasses a number of architecture, management and market
requirement specifications addressing PON that include:

  • TR-142 Framework for TR-069-enabled PON devices (EPON)

  • TR-155 G-PON ONU Requirements for CPE

  • TR-156 Using G-PON Access in the Context of TR-101

  • TR-167 G-PON-fed TR-101 Ethernet Access Node

  • TR-200 Using EPON in the context of TR-101

Two specifications that are in final approval, which define the test plans for G-PON ONU Conformance:

  • WT-247 G-PON ONU Abstract Test Plan

  • OD- 247 G-PON ONU Conformance Test Plan

It also includes two white papers and a tutorial that provide valuable additional information
and background on G-PON:

  • MR-185 White Paper: Next Generation Broadband Access

  • MR-229 White Paper: Leveraging Standards for Next Generation Broadband Wholesale Access

  • MR-246 G-PON Tutorial

"Fiber rollouts, especially hybrid DSL/PON deployments are growing faster than ever. We expect to see fiber figures continue to rise in our mid-year report due next week. BroadbandSuite 5.0 is a major resource for the industry to facilitate and accelerate the deployment of PON and it paves the way for next generation fiber technologies, including XG-PON1 and beyond," stated Robin Mersh, CEO of the Broadband Forum.