Monday, September 26, 2011

Belgacom to Deploy VDSL2 Vectoring for 50 Mbps Services

Belgium's Belgacom will deploy Alcatel-Lucent's new VDSL2 Vectoring technology to boost performance over its national triple-play network to provide guaranteed speeds of 50 Mbps and above.

Belgacom and Alcatel-Lucent have a long history of working together. Thirteen years ago, Belgacom was first to activate ADSL lines with Alcatel-Lucent. Eight years ago, the operator was first in Europe to invest in a nationwide fiber-rich network, representing more than 16,500 km of fiber and 19.000 neighbourhood street cabinets powered by Alcatel-Lucent's technology.

Belgacom is currently serving more than one million customers with television and high speed internet. It boasts 78.9% national VDSL2 coverage, progressing to 85% by end 2013.

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