Monday, September 19, 2011

Allot Cites Tier 1 European LTE Deployment

Allot Communications confirmed the deployment of its Allot Service Gateway in the LTE network of a Tier 1 European operator (name not disclosed). The Allot equipment enables optimized delivery of data at rates up to 100Mbps and the implementation of value-based charging and innovative service plans. Allot's 3GPP compliant solution accurately identifies OTT (over-the-top) application traffic in real time at speeds of up to 160 Gbps per platform. This provides subscriber, application and network intelligence previously unavailable to policy and charging systems.

"LTE network operators have learned a lesson from their 3G predecessors," said Rami Hadar, Allot's President and CEO. "Rather than upgrading, they are now building out their networks as smart pipes from the outset. The requirement for value-based charging models is amplified by subscribers' unquenchable demand for bandwidth and a new generation of data-hungry applications, as well as the service providers' need to find new ways to monetize their networks Allot's access-agnostic solution is designed to allow the operator to seamlessly maintain the same innovative approach to charging across all of access, including 3G, LTE and fixed networks."